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General Information:
- Directions
- What to Bring?
- Reassurances for Parents
- Camp Rules of Conduct


We are located at:

13300 11th Concession, Nobleton, ON L0G 1W0
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What to Bring?

- Casual and athletic clothing suitable for outdoor activities such as hiking. This includes a warm jacket, sweater, and outdoor running shoes/hiking boots.
- Personal toiletries
- Pen, Pencil, and some note paper. 

Note: If you bring snacks, do not bring anything containing NUTS due to the wide-spread nut allergies among youth. YMCA is a Nut-Free facility.
Please, do not bring valuables!
Click to download 'What to Bring' in pdf fprmat

Reassurances for Parents

Camp Enterprise is chaperoned by Rotary Club members during the entire camp event. Each Rotary member and chaperone has had a recent police check, including Vulnerable Sector check. Camp rules are clearly described in both this website and sent with each student acceptance letter.

Students are picked up by a Rotary member at their school, and delivered to Camp Enterprise, where they are registered and get their room assignment. Students are assigned two or three to a room ,and males and females do not mix in the dorms. YMCA Cedar Glen staff are also present 24 hours per day, and are trained in first aid.

Students are returned by a Rotary member directly to their home, after camp is concluded. A list of student drivers, to and from camp, is provided to the registrar prior to the camp, and can be provided to parents upon request.

Rules of Conduct

1. We expect all participants, students, Rotarians, staff and property to be treated with respect.

2. No mixing at any time of males and females in bunkhouse quarters.

3. No personal vehicles at Camp. (Rotarians provide all transportation.)

4. After lights out, all participants are expected to stay in their quarters.

5. Cell phones are not allowed to be used during camp sessions, and must be restricted to after-hours personal time only.

Grounds for Expulsion from Camp

1. Possession of drugs or alcohol, or being under the influence of such substances.

2. Failure to obey directions of chaperones, staff, or Camp directors.

3. The unauthorized leaving of Camp property. If you are in violation of any of the above you will be expelled from the camp and your parents or guardian will be asked to pick you up at the Camp.

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